Colson T. Louisiana

Free College Tuition

The true impact on having free college tuition.


       Dear Future President, 

       Let's consider for a moment that all college tuition is now free, no student has to pay a dime towards a secondary education. No student has to worry about getting scholarships from any university all they have to do is send in an application and be accepted. Everything is happy and sunny, the community is booming and technology is advanced because of all the bright young minds with a college degree. Although is it? Is everyone really happy now that all college tuition has been abolished along with student loans? Is it even possible? Since we are looking into a theoretical cause we should also look into theoretical effects.

       The average cost of attending college is $32,000 or $42,000 for anyone who wants to attend an Ivy League school, and on average it takes 21 years to pay off student loans. Although now because of our theoretical universe it now takes $0 to attend college and 0 years to pay off student loans. Here's where we determine whether or not tuition free college is even possible. If colleges throughout the U.S. can't stay open on tuition alone and we've just taken it away, the only way to keep them open would be to take away funding from a different government division or raise taxes on American citizens. So let's go even further Mr/Mrs president and determine the effects of either one of these solutions to our overwhelming problem.

       If we were to raise taxes on the citizens of America, would you find it ironic that new college graduates, the ones that used the free college plan and now have well paying jobs, now have to pay a ridiculous amount of their salaries to pay taxes on the very system that got them there? Is there any true gain from all this Mr/Mrs president? Of course Mr/Mrs president  there is always the alternative. You could always just cut a large portion of funding from government divisions like Social Security, or Healthcare, or better yet National Security.

       So Future President is it possible? It very well is possible to have tuition free college, but now the question becomes "Is it worth it?". The answer is of course "No". Ultimately it will defeat the purpose if we are to have higher taxes, and if we were to cut budgets from other government divisions we would be swapping out one group of people in need, for another. Mr/Mrs president I urge you to think about this and see the consequences if these actions are taken.


                                                                        Colson Thornton



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