Sydney Watts Louisiana

Gun Violence

Gun violence in the United States needs to be controlled better than what it has been in the past years. Before we get the gun violence under control we(the U.S. citizens) need to have a better understanding in gun violence and educate ourselves.

Dear Future President,

      I see that you're into getting the guns under control in the United States. I believe that the guns should be controlled more than they are now. If the guns were controlled(as needed), there would be less shootings.

     Every year in the U.S. an average of 100,000+ are shot. Every day in the U.S. an average of 289 people are shot.86 die, 30 are murdered, 53 commit suicide, 2 die accidentally, and 1 is shot in police intervention. Of course we can't stop all the shootings but we could limit them by getting the gun violence under control. Also, if the people of the United States would educate themselves in gun violence the guns wouldn't need to be "taken away". 

     Handguns compromise 72.5% of firearms used in murder and non-negligent man-slaughter incidents in 2011, 4.1% were shotguns, 3.8% were rifles, and 18.5% were with unspecified firearms. 82 children under the age of 5 years old died from firearms in 2010 compared with 58 law enforcement officers killed in line of duty. More children ages 0-19 died every three days in 2010 than died in the 2012 Newton, Conn., massacre.

     In my opinions and with the facts stated above maybe you could make some kind of new regulation about guns. If that has to be getting better gun licence, only being able to own/but a gun with a licence, I'm not sure but I know that you(our new president).  


                                                                                                                        Sydney Watts