Kobee Zinn Ohio


Abortion laws should be more restricting

Dear Future President:

Abortion laws have become more of an issue in our day and age.People have been arguing if abortion should be legal or illegal. Both sides have good points but I believe that abortion should be illegal. There are alternate ways of not having the child you conceived.

Every year there are about 1.06 million abortions. After an abortion, fifteen percent of miscarriages are due to that past abortion. Women can experience pelvic infection as well. Abortion can also cause psychological damage to the mother. They can start suffering from depression and anxiety. If a girl is thinking about abortion, there is a helpline that they can call. The National Abortion Federation hotline will answer questions about the laws in your state, funding sources, and what to do.

Abortion is a not the best way to get rid of a child to me. When you have an abortion, you are killing a child, a life. The book definition of murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. Abortion is murdering a child which is illegal. Also according to Procon.org, abortion can lead to future medical problems. So if they didn’t want a kid then but they want a kid now, they have a high risk for miscarriage. The mother could also develop breast cancer.

Since you are the future president, you can try to pass laws that protect the child. You should make abortion a last resort for females unless a rape has occurred. You should also have more help centers for women who already had an abortion or that are thinking about it.


Kobee Zinn