Genesis H. Georgia

Pro Life or Pro Choice?

Abortions should remain legal and given as an option because every woman and every pregnancy is different.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

If women worked so hard to gain their independence, why take it away? The topic of abortion is a controversy among a lot of people in the United States. Some believe it’s wrong, others believe its right. Abortions need to be a choice for the woman experiencing the pregnancy at the moment.

For one thing, abortions are a fundamental right. When you take away the option of abortions, you are controlling the bodies of women in the country. Women lose control of what is their own. Nobody but yourself needs tell you what to do with YOUR body. Also, nobody needs to come into the world without being wanted. According to The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, “Unintended pregnancies are associated with birth defects, low birth weight, maternal depression, increased risk of child abuse, “and many other things.

To stop those problems from occurring I highly suggest you keep the option of abortion available. Different situations can lead up to the point where a woman gets pregnant.

Opposers might say abortions should be illegal because women should accept the responsibility that comes with producing a baby. What if the production of the baby was forced? No woman wants to have a baby by a man that harassed her.

Being that every pregnancy is different ,the option of an abortion should be open to women. Whether the woman just doesn’t want a child or was raped, an abortion is technically a right that does not need to be taken away. Mr. or Mrs. President my question to you is, are you pro-life or pro –choice.


Genesis H.