Lacey B. Ohio

Health Care

Health Care is a big issue facing our country today. With sick people needing it but not being able to get it cause it’s too expensive or they just can’t get it in general.

Dear Future President

Healthcare prices have gone up a lot over the years and it just keeps getting more and more expensive. A recent report by Kaiser/HRET Employer Health Benefits forecasts that the average family healthcare plan will cost $18,142, up 3.4% from 2015. That’s faster than wage growth in America. Health care can sometimes be free when it is offered to you. You get health care when one gets ill and needs a major surgery, treatment, or hospitalization.

So maybe what you could do Mr. President, to help is try and make health care cheaper for the people that can’t afford it when it isn’t offered to them. Making it cheaper would help the sick people that don’t have it or can’t afford it so that they could get treatment when sick or be able to go to a hospital to get medication to treat them. Maybe have a place where people can sign up for it or go somewhere and get health care. Some people don’t have technology or a way to sign up to get health care.

With your help we could change this issue facing our country and make healthcare a better more stable working system for everyone. Thank you for reading.


Lacey B.