Dream, Reality

Something so important our lives would be ruined without, has its own price tag, health.

Dear Mr. President,

Being born in the twenty-first century, I live in a world where every little thing is expensive. From a harmless tube of toothpaste to a seven bedroom, three story house, we see prices skyrocketing. And yet, something money cannot buy, something so important that our lives would legitimately be ruined without, has its own price tag, health.

Although you, without a doubt, know more on this subject than I do, I believe it is time you take a look into this issue for the better of the American people.

Since 1984, prices for medicine and healthcare, itself, has increased up to 3.4% which is faster than the wage growth in America. People are working overtime and finding themselves two or more jobs to afford something that is getting expensive faster than they are being payed.

And so, what about it? People around the world think living the “American Dream” is being rich, right? Doing what you want, taking what you want, buying what you want. And you’d be happy. Yet that is just a mere image. Most of America’s population does not have that type of money, and only spend it on things they really need. And they need to be healthy to live a good life, to continue to work to support their families, to protect the people they love.

And so those people are given a choice. They work long and hard in the hopes that their family will survive whatever they are suffering, and yet, a lot of people are stuck, mourning over their deceased children because they did not have the ability to protect them. They are forced to watch their loved ones die.

So please, Mr. President, if anything, I do not wish to see anymore of this happen. Are you willing to sacrifice a little bit of the economy to help the people? Are you willing to grant our wishes and make the “American Dream” possible? It is all in your hands.