Gracie C.

Obamacare Beware

Obamacare has created very many problems, and our next president should fix it.

Dear Mr. President

      Health care has been an issue for millions of people, and by putting Obamacare into effect, we have solved only some of these problems. Now, a number of uninsured people who could not afford the help they needed, have access to high-quality and affordable health care. However, the money used to help these people did not just appear out of nowhere. It was taken, mostly from high- earners and insurance companies, through taxes. Over the years this has taken its toll on many people, that eight years ago, could have afforded the help they need, but now have to spend their money on someone else. We need to stop Obama care and start helping the people who were impacted in a negative way.

      I think that when they created Obamacare, they had the right idea, but it hasn't turned out quite as planned. There are a number of good families and people who can't work or who are hardworking, that just can't make enough money to afford healthcare. I agree that these people are the ones that deserve our help. On the other hand, there are also people who, if they tried could be successful, but instead are not using their full potential, and are living off the government. these people are taking from higher earners that are wealthy enough to afford their own health care, and only their health care. 

      In my life I have known many people who have strong opinions about Obamacare. Some of them are for Obamacare and some of them are not. I have developed my opinion by certain experiences I have gone through. Quite a while ago I attended a funeral for my great uncle. Here I got to spend time with distant relatives, and closer ones too. I heard lots of talk about Obamacare and how people were blaming it for contributing to my great uncle's death. I didn't pay close attention to it, however, until now. My grandpa has had problems with his back, since I can remember. They started of small, but now they have become a huge problem. My grandpa has needed surgery for a while, and they have tried their best to get him help. However my grandparent's cost have been growing, yet they are not receiving the best health care. Also, it is becoming harder for my grandpa to get approved for things, like surgery, and he still has not gotten the help he clearly needs.

      It is in situations like these when you need to ask yourself the pros and cons of how your decisions effect others. So it is now up to you Mr. President to save our country's health care and to make America a better place to live. It is my greatest wish that you will rise to the challenge.  Best of luck.


                                                                                                                      Gracie Castillo


Lewis Middle School

Ferro, English 8 Seminar

Periods 1 and 3.

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