Kareem K. Ohio


Immigration is a big problem that needs to be solved

Dear President Trump:

Since you have been elected to office recently I would like for you to pay very close attention to illegal immigration for the next four years. We’re not going to solve that problem by building a wall, but to offer some of them a citizenship instead.

Illegal immigration has a been a huge problem and topic over the past decade or so. According to procon.org, “there are 11 million undocumented illegal immigrants.” But that’s way too many to kick out of our country and inhumane to separate them from their families. So if they have no criminal records or nothing of that sort; than we should offer them a citizenship. But we don’t offer it to them just that easy. They have go under some stuff like green card, tests, and all of that. Also we only give to the people that deserve it and work hard every day.

Also, even those 11 million are illegal; they still play a huge role in our economy. The especially play a big role in our food production. I mean honestly... without them there will be a big decrease in food production if we get rid of them. They are hard working people who provide a lot of good for this country. Therefore we give them a documentation that makes legal like a green card or visa.

There are some cons though. If the United States keeps giving illegal immigrants citizenships or documents of legalization. Then the number of illegal immigrants will increase by 50%. We can’t give any illegal immigrant a citizenship. Only the ones that deserve it. According to procon.org, “if an illegal immigrant gets caught we must give them the opportunity to leave with no charges. If they refuse to take that opportunity, then they must be charged then get deported.”

In conclusion, the U.S must be as active as possible to keep illegal immigrants out of our country. But with the 11 million that reached the U.S successfully. We must figure out another solution, not just deport them. I think we should offer the hard working immigrants who benefit our economy a whole lot, a documentation of legalization. It would be cruel and inhumane to deport them from their families.

Sincerely, Kareem Khasawneh