tai Washington

Future president

to Hilary

November 2, 2016

Dear Hilary Clinton:

Congratulation on being president, it was a tough road for you to take. But it doesn’t mean that the road won’t be tougher latter on when you are at the white house. You certainly have earned many of America heart, earning their trust and believe that you can change America. I’m proudly to live through the year of the first black president, and now the first woman president. But would you be that woman for president people would love during and after the next four years?

There is problems for you to be solve all the time, and I hope you would decide in the fairest and honest way for the people of United State. If you can’t start liking the people, the people can’t start liking you. Nobody wants a liar for a president, most certainly not a person who always keep secrets. By this I am referring to the emails that you keep secrets from people. I would hope to never see this incident happening again, especially from a president. I think that you could be a great president, but I also think that you could be a bad president depending on how you act for the people.

I would like to ask for you to give the next generation like me a better opportunity and an easier path. Because we are the people of heart and the future for America. In civic class I’ve learn your pass, I have to agree it was not easy. If you can fight through the discrimination and the people that try and hold you back from becoming successful then I think you can do the same in today world.

You are great with public speaking, but all those words, the “promise” that you said to the people. Would you be able to do it? I certainly hope so. I agree with your thoughts on immigration, and I think that we should increase the amount of refuges that is happening right now.

Successful president gives something to people to remember, something that changes people lives and contribute for today or the future society. What will you do to get people to remember that you were one of the success president? I have high hope that you will make changes to our country.