Huguens S. Massachusetts



Dear Future President,

My name is Huguens Servil, I'm a 17 year old  junior at Community Academy Science and Health ( CASH).  I live in Mattapan, MA. I was born in Haiti, and I moved to USA 4 years ago.  I'm writing this letter because I'm a little concerned about what might happen to my people if the immigrant laws change.

A world without discrimination, hatred, racism, could help our society move forward. A lot of negative things keep us down without us knowing it. In the past few years I have lived here, I have seen all the stereotypes and prejudices others make based on our culture, our race and our ethnic group. It happens everywhere.  On the street, in the judicial court, and at school. Seeing all these injustices  make me  scared that all this will never stop. It has been going on for centuries, but I still hope that it will stop one day. So I'm asking you, Future President, to look upon us immigrants and have our backs. We need your support for us to really see America as our new home, and not a place where we feel discrimination, hatred, or racism.

Sincerely a concerned Immigrant worried for his people.