Isaac S. Ohio


There should be a tighter law on abortion

Dear Future President:

Abortion is a decision that destroys more than one life. Having a baby is a thing of life and it’s not the baby's fault that you don’t love them enough to save their life. There is plenty of ways to survive a pregnancy so don’t end it.

Abortion needs to be controlled, it has been out of hand in the past. According to Abortion Statistics, in 2012 there was 699,202 baby’s killed by abortion reported to CDC. That is 699,202 to many, stop being selfish and think about someone else. Think about more than the pain you're putting your loved ones that stick by you. Think about the pain you're putting your baby through. It is dreadfully painful for a baby during abortion especially at 20 weeks when they feel more pain than adults. People say they know what love is but that baby will love and depend on you more than anyone could. At 20 weeks the fetal brain has full complement of brain cells present in adulthood, and is ready and waiting to receive brain signals.

Stop the suffering, these babies are suffering more than think. Think about why you're here right now. Your mother that you love dearly chose to save your life, so why not chose to save your daughter or son. Not only should you want to save their life but so should the baby and the father. The babies should have full rights when they are in the uterus. The father should also have the same rights as the mother as to what happens to the baby. Why should the father give up a huge love in his life just because he can’t do anything about it? Abortion should be illegal except for certain situations. It should be up to the mother when her life is at risk. That is her decision, some soon to be mothers would give their life for their baby and some won’t. When the mother’s life is not at risk abortion should be illegal. People say that the mother’s will do it dangerously and if they chose do it should be a crime. Mothers and whoever else was involved with the abortion should be charged with murder.

This is all up to people of higher power and people who feel the same way I do to take charge and change the world for better. The future president needs to take this letter and consider for most abortion to be illegal. Let’s give everyone a chance at life, who knows who they could turn out to be.


Isaac Steinbrunner