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This is a letter about immigration for the next president.

Dear Next President,

If you ever read this, I hope you do not throw this in the fireplace where you are sitting down and thinking about your life choices. Wow. so get ready to read this and NOT throw this away, That would be really great. Oh, and can you give me a shout out on your next speech. Just say M261 and that would be great.

So I understand you have a bunch on your mind, and you won’t be having this in mind Mr./Mrs. President, but hey, it’s worth a shot. I would like to talk about immigration. STOP don’t throw this out if you’re Trump, ok I know you have a ton of these, but hang with me here, this Mexican deserves to be heard! And if you’re Hillary, don’t throw this out because I too want to be heard and deserve a shout out.

As you can see Immigration has been sort of a big thing. There have been many illegal immigrants going through the U.S. border, and millions of refugees coming in from the Middle East. Sure, to the eyes of the average American white man, this is outrageous, but let’s picture you are going through the desert with no food nor water and you come across a foreign country. They welcome you as an illegal immigrant, but take you in for care in a shelter with food and water. Isn’t that nice? Well it is, but that’s not what we’re doing. Just a bunch of families is going through the border trying to escape from war or famines. What are we doing? “Look bud, err you’re getting deported. Thanks for using America, the land of hopes and dreams.” Instead of dumping them back to their country and giving them the boot, we can help. Help, H-E-L-P, help. What ways? We can give them citizenship, and hopes and dreams. Also stop with the stereotypes, not all Mexicans are rapists, drug addicts, criminals nor any of that stuff. Don’t judge us on what El Chapo does. Judge us on what type of person we are. Most of us are band members, construction workers, electricians, serious career minded, and a whole lot more. Sure we take your jobs, but the one’s you won’t do. Small one’s no one want’s to do like sewer work or landscaping. I mean, come on, America is the land of hopes and dreams. Make us have hopes and dreams.

If you think about it, we were all immigrants in the past. The natives came here from Asia from that giant land bridge that connected Asia and the Americas. Along came Britain, Spain France and the rest of Europe to colonize and boom! We have America. Then black people came from Africa as slaves and then became equal people. Suddenly more people from Europe and Asia came in and immigrated to the U.S.A. We didn’t have a problem with them, did we? What about us Hispanics? We don’t deserve the treatment you give us. All men are created equal, as it says in the Declaration of Independence. Shouldn't we be treated equally like the other immigrants in the past? A large portion of immigrants is from Mexico who dominates the immigration ethnicity according to Pew Research. We deserve a bit more. The natives were like “welcome to our home white men let’s have a feast” today the deportation police are like “yeah we’re taking away your wife, have fun mate!” Before you throw this in the fire at least help all the non-criminal immigrants to stay here in America. Not all illegal immigrants are terrorists and bad people.

All I have left to say is that the next president should think this matter very carefully. And if you’re Clinton, think this through and do what you can, and if you’re Trump, same thing, and also think who will build the wall you wanted after you kicked out all the hard workers in the country?

Thank you for your time.


A fellow hispanic teenager

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