Keeping Comic-Con in San Diego

Keeping the Con

 Mr. Trump,

I am from the city of San Diego and I have a problem to address. Comic-Con is threatening to leave and that can be bad for our economy. I know that we have other tourist attractions, but Comic-Con is one of our most profitable attractions. It makes San Diego $700 million, per year (cbs).

San Diego has some of the best weather and people love it here. Other cities, like Los Angeles, are worse, because it is hotter and they have a lot of smog, so it’s harder to breath. My mom actually lived by LA when she was 3-7. When she went to the doctor, they said that her lungs looked like she was a heavy smoker. LA is bad for your body, but in San Diego, I have lived here all my life and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me (quote from my doctor, β€œyou are normal, for your age and size.”).

Tourism is how San Diego makes money and without this huge attraction we may get less income and it could become a federal issue, later on. Many people would leave San Diego because of lower income and high costs. Comic-Con has more use in San Diego than in LA. We get a lot of money from Comic-Con that we actually need, LA has all of the money that they need, so why add to that?

You may dismiss this as just a stupid kid who has big dreams, but this is from a concerned citizen, who knows their stuff. I know that this may not be another Detroit but I am still concerned and others may start to leave San Diego and it can be a domino effect. This could be a larger issue if we do not get the help that we need.

We may be able to fix this on our own, but it is entirely possible that people will not see the need to keep it, until we run low on money. I would like for you to give San Diego the money that it needs to keep Comic-Con and still be the finest city in America. Thank you for reading.