Neina H. California

Climate Change is REAL

Despite the skepticism of many, the impact of climate change cannot be denied. We must get serious about counteracting the effect of climate change before it is too late.

 Dear President,

My name is Neina and I am talking to you about climate change. Climate change is important to me because it isn’t just ruining the planet, but it is killing wildlife and also human life. Climate change is a huge issue that's hard to wrap your mind around. It will take some time to fix climate change but we need to start now. Humans are the main cause of climate change, we are killing wildlife and the astonishing planet we live on.

The article entitled Global Warming is Happening Now explains, that warming is happening in ocean at higher temperatures, soil temperatures, and is melting glaciers and ice caps. Global sea level has increased by roughly 8 inches over the past century, global warming cause sea-level to rise in two ways. Ocean water expands as it warms, and glaciers and ice sheets are melting, this is important because it can cause loss of land and precious animals. The rate of toxic carbon and methane pollution shows that we are not winning the global warming battle. With glaciers and polar ice caps melting, polar bears and penguins can lose their home. Since sea levels are rising loss of land can happen to humans.

Usually when people think about climate change, we think of fossil fuels such as oil and coal but a big part of climate change has to do with deforestation. Climate change is caused mostly by human activities. These human activities largely determine the evolution of the Earth's climate, which will impact the next few decades, centuries, and millennia. If us humans took better care of the planet, climate change would not be such a big problem.

According to the article, Protecting Tropical Forests is Critical to Tackling Climate Change, for 30 years now credible scientists have been saying that the toxic carbon and methane pollution of the atmosphere has not slowed or even leveled off, but yet we still haven't changed the way we treat this planet. In fact, if we stopped deforestation that could account for as much as 50% of the solution to climate change which was stated in, Nature and Culture International. We have the power to fix the damage we have done to earth but yet we sit back and do nothing to stop climate change. Deforestation is not just ruining our world but it also leaves wildlife homeless and most likely to die. Forests have a natural cooling effect on the planet so why cut them down when they have a big part to play in fixing climate change.

The earth's atmosphere has increased 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit by 1900, when are we going to realize we need to change, it’s up to you, future president. If you could make treaties with other countries to prevent climate change and help our world, maybe we could have a few more precious years on this beautiful planet.


Neina H