jacob North Carolina


a letter about racism/

 Dear next president,

Ii have a question for you. When will you prohibit racism and racial profiling, and prohibit discrimination? It occurs 24/7. A colored person is killed every day just because of their color. This country is supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave; not the land of the racist. So there shouldn’t be racial profiling or discrimination or racism.

Discrimination needs to be stopped because this country will be such a sad country with most of our police dying because of racism. But now the police can’t be trusted because of all of these hate crimes because police have been mistreating citizens. Plus it will make police lose credibility, and the trust me, this action is potentially ineffective and is hurting this country.

Furthermore, I think that racism must be stopped immediately. Because if it just keeps on happening, none of us will trust the police ever again. Also, I think that people should always bring the constitution of the United States of America for all states in their pockets, so the citizens could just remember not to racially profile anyone. Plus it will cause them to trust the police if the police also bring a mini book of the laws of the states.

Also, if the people and the police respect all the laws, it will create a better meaning of this country. Also, this will stop an upcoming apocalypse of protesters starting an anarchy, and finally the citizens will realize that this country will be back to normal, to the real American dream. I want the next president to stop racism from happening ever again