Samuel W. Idaho

The War in the Middle East

The United States needs to stop fighting in the biggest mistake we've made yet, the War in the Middle East.

The War in the Middle East

Dear Future President,

You hear the explosion of bombs. The planes fly high above you, disguised in a layer of dust and debris. You had just joined the military and now are a combat troop in Syria. You are one of thousands who have fought and are fighting in one of the biggest mistakes in the history of the United States. The United States has been at war with the middle east for almost 25 years now, according to, “Beginning in 1980, U.S. forces ventured into the Greater Middle East to reassure, warn, intimidate, suppress, pacify, rescue, liberate, eliminate, transform and overawe. They bombed, raided, invaded, occupied and worked through proxies of various stripes.” And the situation is not improving, nor is the state of our country. The United States needs to stop fighting in wars that just aren't ours.

I was born and am now living in Idaho, and as I know all teenagers do, I sometimes will read the newspaper. One recurring theme that I see is describing the bloody horrors of the war in the Middle East. I see many effects hurting many Americans both literally and figuratively.

Every once in awhile my soccer team will travel to a tournament. One such destination is Seattle, Washington. As you walk around there are a great number of people living in sleeping bags and under bridges, and a great many of them were veterans who fought for our country. Which if the United States hadn’t been spending all of the money the the Middle East Now we find the living homeless which I believe is consequently a direct cause of our long war with the middle east, furthermore, there are other economical issues as well, such as the lead pipes in Flint, Michigan.

The United States has been at war with the Middle East for almost 25 years now and after all this time the US Army has not made any advance against the rebels and gangs which includes ISIS. We have sent around three to four million dollars, which doesn’t sound like much until you realize that was per day. As says, “As you can see, U.S. taxpayers are still spending money on the Iraq war – including seven billion dollars in 2013 alone. How much will intervention in Syria cost? The truth is that no one knows.”

One of the effects of this is it changes the effectiveness of taxpayers dollars causing an ever-increasing population of homeless and veterans littering the streets, as well as the US not being able to provide sufficient taxes to give kids clean water.

If we would team up with Russia and advise a sufficient plan we would be able to eliminate one of the largest gangs in the world, as promptly states, “Today the Islamic State is emerging as a very serious threat for both the United States and Russia, regardless of some experts’ opinions that this threat has been unduly exaggerated. The Islamic State controls about 30 percent of Syrian territory, which together with the Iraqi area under its control, is a territory as big as Belgium. The militants of this jihadist movement have already voiced threats towards the U.S. as well as the Russian Federation,” which would start eliminating multiple things. First off, that would end the money black hole that the United States of America is being sucked into and then, second, we would be able to come back to the US to end all of our economical crisis bringing us back to be a world superpower, reliant on nothing but ourselves.

So now it is up to you future president. This country can not take four more years being drained of it’s fine people’s money and continue the economic mess that is your, our country.


Samuel Wagner 

East Junior High

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