Crystal California

No uniforms at School

No uniforms for public and private schools.

Dear President, 

       Hello, my name is Crystal, and I would like to bring to your attention school uniforms. In my opinion I think that not all private schools should have uniforms. I think it's a waste of money to the parents because their kids have clothes at home that they wear outside of school.  Adding uniforms to their wardrobe will ruin their chance to show their peers who they really are outside of school. Many students now a days have their own way of showing their feelings by how they dress.  Another reason to not have uniforms at school because parents have to use their money to pay for them when they only have to wear it for a small amount of time. Buying uniforms for a small amount of time and just throwing it away after will be a waste of time, but then if they were to donate the clothes to a good cause will be helpful to other people.  

Sincerely, Crystal