Liza T. California


Racism and Immigration

  Dear future next President,

My name is Liza Thorpe and I am writing to address the issue of racism and immigration. You should model the ideals of our nation and appreciate that all Americans are equal, regardless of their skin color or heritage. The next President needs to be nice to the people of this nation and needs to treat everyone equally.

One of the main issues candidates are talking about is immigration. Most of the people that live in the United States were immigrants of their ancestors. In one person’s letter to the next President it states “This country started by people moving over here and taking land from the people already here. In my opinion, no one should be able to dictate who travels where, because no one owns the earth. You shouldn't be able to tell people where they can or can't go. The whole western side of the U.S. was once owned by Mexico but stolen from them by European immigrants” . In my opinion all of this is right because this country started by people moving over here and taking land from the people already here.

In another article called, “Where candidates stand on the issues”, it says for those here illegally today, who are seeking legal status, they will have one route and one route only. To return home and apply for re-entry like everybody else, under the rules of the new legal immigration system." This is basically saying Illegal immigrants will have to leave and go back. People will have to lose their homes, jobs and everything to go home and then will have to apply for re- entry. I think this is completely unfair because these immigrants have already set up their lives here in the United States and I think no one should have the right to take that away from them.

In conclusion, I am against the fact that immigrants will have to go home. I think they shouldn't have to leave because they already have everything settled. Even if they didn't, the next President should not be able to tell them where to go. We are all human beings.     

Bernal Intermediate

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