Anonymous Louisiana


Current issues about Racism.

Dear Future President,

         The United States is slowly repeating itself in history again. We the people are slowly bringing our great country to an END! Racial Discrimination has become one of the main reasons why America is slowly tearing itself apart. Each day it is getting very difficult for a young African American to survive.

           Being a young black man and making a good living is very difficult in America today. WE face many more obstacles than a man of different race. What I mean by obstacles is that WE have been ABUSED by our Justice system for years, the Police that are hired to Serve and Defend only "Serve and Abuse" . I don't think that its okay for a white man to walk down the street with an high powered rifle and police don't cease him, where as if it was an African American he would be automatically stop for "Suspicion" and possibly baited. Something must be done this cruel and violates Our rights as an American Citizen.

     Mr/Mrs.  President when your elected into office I hope that you take it into your consideration to change this. We will not continue to take this treatment. Lets make America a great place for everyone.