Nathan R. Idaho

Holy Asphalt

To let the future president know that holes in the middle of the streets has been and will be a danger hazard. We can protect the adults and kids on the road if we stop waiting to repair the roads and just upkeep them.

Dear Future President,

The roads in America pose a potential threat. The holes in the asphalt are unseen and unaccounted for. I know as a Government you could not care less about if the holes in the road are fixed or not. Here are the fact about how much our roads are used.

24 million children (one half) of our nation’s k-12 school population ride on 450,000 school buses 180 days per year.

50,000 ambulances make 60 million trips a year.

Trucks carry 32 million tons of goods across the roads every day,

240 million registered vehicles travel 2.9 trillion miles annually.

While potholes can cause hundreds and even thousands of dollars in damage to vehicles, 63% of Americans do not have the cash on hand to pay for those repairs.

Potholes are formed by water, freezing and freeze-thaw cycles, excessive heat, wear and tear – and time.The areas that are most likely to make a pothole area are where water can not easily escape, where vehicles travel the most especially heavy vehicles and where lack of upkeep allows small cracks to continually to get worse. A lot of America’s highways were built in the 1950’s through the 1970’s. Most of the highways were built to last 50 years. Over time all of these problems add up and cause over 233$ billion in damage. Not all highways lasted 50 years but at the same time some have lasted even longer. To fix all of America's roads and bridges it would cause an estimated cost of about 2.7$ trillion. Repairing the roads cost 14 time more than up keeping them. We need to stop waiting to repair the roads and just up keep them.

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