Alicia O. Idaho

Against Pistols

Why is it legal to have pistols and to shoot to others with them without a license?

Dear Future President,

At first I would say thank you that you have time for reading my letter. I am a German exchange student so my English is not the best but I hope you can understand it. 

I live since 7 weeks in America in the State Idaho and go to an American High School. In the first weeks you can see and hear a lot of America, the people and the culture but also about rules in this country. Some things I heard was positive and about some things I was a little bit confused because I don't know that from my home country.  

The thing or the rule I was most confused about was that all people can have pistols and they are allowed to use them in each situation without consequences. I don't know that from my home country ther not all people can have a pistol you need a firearms license to use a pistol and you have to shoot only in certain areas where you can practice for shooting or in the forest if you are a ranger for hunting deer or other animals in the forest. But you don't can have a pistol for yourself to shoot. Maybe you can explain me why it is legal to have a pistol in America without a license for them because I think if everybody has a pistol and can shoot that will be very dangerous. I heard so much about pistols and died People in America. One story is about 2 years ago, there was also a german Exchange Student in America but he lived in Texas and he was killed by a neighbour, who shot in his heart after the boy tried to open the garage from an other house. I knowt hat is not okay to steal or to burglarize in other persons house but I think you don't have to shoot to an 17 years old boy. There are other ways to catch the boy for example to call the cops. 

So that was my personal issue what I had and I hope you think about that and change a little bit the rules with the pistols in your Country to make it more save.

Thank you for your consideration,