Taylor Idaho

Hello, Future President

I would love to know what you plan to do when you become president

I would like to know what you plan to do as president, and what main things you are going to start with. I am very interested in what you will stand for, I don't know much about this but i'm still interested. A few of the things i would want is to make things better for the ecosystem in any way you can, one other thing is to help other countries in need. I'm very exited for you and your campaign and what you plan to do. 
If it is at all possible we should use the tax money in a good way for the public. I would like to solve the low job rate problem in any way possible. One way is to introduce more temporary jobs and make jobs easy to get. There are a lot of things we could fix such as roads and make them safer for everyone.

One common problem is food and people not being able to get food. We should make it more open to the public. Making these things better would help the public out a lot.