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THAAD Deployment Issue in South Korea

Would you want to live in an area where you could get sick because of the military system?

Dear Next President of United States of America

THAAD, the dangerous but also helpful system is causing some debates over it. So many people want it to be deployed in South Korea but also many other people don’t want it to be deployed. I personally don’t want THAAD to be deployed in South Korea for many reasons below.

First, THAAD is acronym of Terminal High Altitude Area Defence. It is used to shoot down short, medium, and long range ballistic missiles that are shot by hostile countries.

The THAAD is getting deployed in South Korea but there are so many reasons for why it should be deployed and why it shouldn’t be deployed in South Korea. Some people say that the system is really going to help South Korea because none of the missiles could attack South Korea if they have THAAD. But people who don’t want it to be deployed in South Korea are people that are living in the area that the system is deployed.

There are a lot of benefits of deploying THAAD in South Korea. According to NK News, “They could have chosen Seongju as it would be helpful in defending most of South Korea while not agitating the Chinese government too much,” Cha Du-hyeogn, crisis information adviser to former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak told NK News. This means that the system doesn’t agitate the Chinese Government for deploying THAAD in South Korea. This matters because if this agitates Chinese government, then this issue could become a global issue which is not going to be good for China and the US.

Although THAAD has a lot of pros to talk about, there are also cons for deploying THAAD in South Korea. According to NK News, the article, “The Pros and cons of deploying THAAD at Seungju”, “While THAAD’s X-band radar located at Seongju would cover most of the northward Korean Peninsula, Seoul would not fall under the system’s missile interceptor range.” which means that this system doesn’t cover up Seoul, South Korean Capital. This matters because if the system doesn’t cover up the most important place in South Korea, then what is the point of deploying it in South Korea? So the system should be improved such as increasing the space that the system covers. Also, my family lives in that area which could cause problems to my parents. If they are living in the area where the system is deployed, as I said above, they could get illnesses. I would be really sad and mad at the same time if my family member gets sick because of the THAAD deployment.

According to THE UIP, a newspaper company, an aritcle, “South Korean activists have been concerned about harmful radiation emitted from electromagnetic radar waves as well as the system's noise level. U.S. military personnel demonstrated before South Korean reporters how radar waves reached a maximum of 0.0007 watt per square meter for the first six minutes at a location about a mile away from the system, well below the maximum radiation levels permitted under South Korean law.” So the radiation that comes out of the system is really harmful for your body.

Even though the system has lots of good reasonings for why it should be deployed in South Korea, THAAD shouldn’t be deployed in South Korea because of many reasons that are bad which could cause death and also damage to humans. Although these systems could benefit South Korea and help the country, on the other side there are too much weaknesses. Also, my parents are living in that area which means that the system could harm my family member’s life. I would be very said if my parents living there get a illness because of the system. Even though there are small amount of people in that area, I personally think that small people make big groups of people and that is what made us. Please think about those small amount of people that are living there. Would you deploy the system if your parents or family member is living there?


Kye N

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