Ryan F. Idaho

Health Care Tax

Half of the cash that is taken from my paycheck is in the name of healthcare.

I am high school student that is currently studying and working through my last year of school. I need to pay for things such as insurance, gas, and car payments just so I can go to school. I participate in different extra curricular activities that make it hard to have extra hours in my work place which of course makes my pay checks smaller. Money being taken from my paychecks for taxes is of course necessary, but when half of the taxes are taken are in the name of healthcare, I have problems. I am in full support of government help programs that help people get back on their feet after some hard times. It is when these people simply choose not to actually get jobs again, not pay for insurance, and in general not contribute to society anymore is when i have a problem. I feel as though I should not have to pay for these people to live a lazy life style, while I am a high school student that struggles from paycheck to paycheck to support my family. The government help programs have made themselves very easy to abuse for even the most basic minded people. I feel that I do not deserve to have a substantial amount of money taken out of my paychecks just for people to live a lazy life style that contribute nothing to society. 

Thank you and I hope that you take my thoughts into consideration.