Abigail B. Idaho

Standardized Testing Concerns

As a high school Junior, my life is controlled by standardized testing and my scores on said tests.

SAT, ACT or SBAC are common standardized tests in Idaho. The scores that a student gets on one of these tests or one like it control their future indefinitely. Standardized testing does not measure the amount of education a student has received but rather a student's test taking ability. Standardized testing is also used against school's ability to educate their students. When student's approach April or 'test month' their stress level rises considerably and this causes test scores to be lower. 

The numbers received from standardized tests are twisted by the questions on the test itself. Questions are written to require inference and test taking skills, not knowledge or application of that knowledge. The questions on the test being some how made more confusing puts the student at a disadvantage therefore when the student does poorly on a test, that test score sticks by them through college. 

Above all, the fact that one test score could possibly decide a student's entire educative career is ridiculous. One score that depends mostly on test taking skills and not knowledge is not accurate in determining if a student is college ready, only that the student has learned how to take a test which will not help said student with their future. Standardized testing is an ineffective and costly way to accomplish absolutely nothing at all but the determination that a student can take a test.