Mikhail L. Florida

School education.

Colleges and University are amazing in U.S. I can't argue with that, but I feel like schools doesn't teach their students like they should.

Dear president.

     I am writing to you as a concerned resident from Miami, Fl. During my whole time in school I was trying to figure out the school system in America. The system is pretty much is based on your choice. You CAN learn, but only if YOU want it. If you'll decide to just keep all the normal classes, you may get good grades, but you really won't learn anything. I don't understand how can people like that go to college, in my opinion with the knowledge you get from for example one year of normal chemistry you really can't do any science in university, because teachers there will expect more from them, and students are not ready for pressure like that.

     It is not bad, there are honors and AP classes, but even though they do give a good example of what college may be like, they are only one year courses. I think what you can't go through the whole course of chemistry of physics in just one year. And there are too many people who just don't care about school, teachers should push all the students the same. If teachers will make students used to homework and working in class from elementary classes than it will be normal for them to have that in the middle and high schools.

     You can't change the school system completely, but I think it needs some improvements. The system of testing which basically creates student's portfolio is not right. Student may've got an F because the teacher didn't like the design of the project, but the person looking at that F thinks he's just stupid, same thing with an A, teacher gave A to the student he like even though his/her work wasn't that good. But people will look at that A and say: "Wow, he/she's smart!" If there would be a system of periods with the same difficulty primary for everyone, and than some additional for people who are seriously smarter than others than it would be much better, at least that's how I feel. 

     Thank you for reading my question future president. I wish you good luck and hope you will make this country at least a little bit better during these four years!

                                                   Mikhail L.

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