Marisa Idaho

Teenage work expectation

A personally effected issue

Dear Future President,

I would like the address the issue of the teenage work hours. As you may well know, teenagers are allowed to be hired at a company when they reach the age of 16. Most companies will allow teenagers to work up to 6 hours on a school days and 8 hours on the weekends or when there is no school. However there are some companies in the United States that barely hire minors and only allow them a few hours to work whether they are in school or not. I think that with our growing economy, teenagers should be able to work more hours when they are not in school.

Normally, teenagers would start a job off at minimum wage which they can grow from. How are they supposed to pay for anything in the future like, gas and college if they only work at minimum wage for a few hours? As a minor in Idaho, I have a job that only allows me to work for a few hours only on the weekends. The company says that it is the law that is in Idaho but with everything that I will have to pay for in the future, like college, a job that only allows me to work on the weekends will not give me enough money to be stable. I propose that teens should be able to work more hours if they are not in school.

The more the economy grows, the higher prices will be for prices that needs to be paid in the future. With a growing economy, there tends to be more crimes and destruction in the cities. Keeping teenagers in a job for longer than a few hours will also help lower the rate of chaos caused by bored teens. Teenagers work a lot more efficiently and effectively if they are working on something given to them at a job instead of sitting at home watching TV or playing games. If teenagers are to be ready for their future, they will need to have experience, and stability for them to be successful.