Dillon Idaho

Bringing Us Together

My paper is about a concern of mine on the topic of ignorance and bridging the gap between people of all cultures, races, and nationalities.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

A concern of mine that I have seen locally and nationally is the topic of ignorance, and in sensitivities towards people that are different. Just by looking at the news today you can see the problems that have sparked because of ignorance. Ignorance is not entirely an individual's fault, for this problem is passed down for sometimes many years, from generation to generation.

An idea I had to better bridge the misunderstanding among many of Americans, is to encourage every few months for people all over the country to meet at schools, town halls, gyms, etc. For local communities to come together and learn more about each other is something I'm very passionate about and especially for minorities, ignorance is something that must be addressed. 

In conclusion, ignorance of other cultures and peoples is something that can be unintentional at times, but can be thwarted by mutual and peaceful understandings of each other. By coming together and talking our differences and opinions out perhaps we can stop the senseless violence in our country and come to a peaceful alternative.

Sincerely, Dillon James O'Donnell