Megan Idaho

College is expensive

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President, I would like to bring to your attention the incredibly high university tuition rate.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President, university is an incredibly important part of life being that most jobs require a university degree, but with college price of a year being $23,000 USD times that by about four years that's about $92,000 just to get a decent job, not to mention the cost of food, rent, etc. All of this combined has the college students barely able to get by. This makes life extremely difficult for an average family, which makes success that much more difficult to achieve. I plan on attending university but my family is not rich so I would have to pay for college myself. Now of course this is not to say college should be 100% free but for a young adult just getting out into the world $23,000 is pushing them to be extremely stressed, and it takes their mind away from academic success. I think that the U.S. should follow the foot steps of many other countries and lower the tuition rate to a much more manageable rate.