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College tuition is too much. College tuition has dramatically increased and is putting stress on students.

October 19, 2016

Dear 45th president

College tuition and fees have jumped 179% over the last 10 years. According to travis mitchell from U.S news. Therefore it should be brought down to a reasonable price.

Many college students are in debt during and after college,Which puts stress on them during college. This makes it harder to focus on school. And when they graduate from college they still have the stress of paying off the loan. Depending on their job it could take years until they're actually making money.

Therefore in order to take care of college tuition that has dramatically increased over the last 10 years and is affecting college students. We need to bring down the cost of college tuition.

Why does it cost more for out of state students to go to school? It should cost the same for all students who are attending. It doesn’t make sense for colleges to charge more for out of state students. Many states have come up with a plan for this problem. If the student wants to bring down the price then they have to work in that state for a year.

College tuition has become too much for some and most students. Why does it cost so much to educate our next generation of workers who will help keep this country intact? The conventional wisdom was reflected in a recent National Public Radio series on the cost of college. “So it’s not that colleges are spending more money to educate students,” Sandy Baum of the Urban Institute told NPR. “It’s that they have to get that money from someplace to replace their lost state funding — and that’s from tuition and fees from students and families.”Some of this increased spending in education has been driven by a sharp rise in the percentage of Americans who go to college. This means that the reason why colleges are charging students so much to go to their school. Is because They need the money from someplace to replace their lost state funding.

The price may never go down to a reasonable price, But with your help we can get the price down which will take stress off of students and their families. Listen to the families and students. Let’ help our nation with this problem.


Jack T.

East Junior High

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