Hailey P. Wisconsin

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has become a problem over the years. About an estimate of 11.1 million immigrants have been placed here for a better life. Are you going to continue to let immigration overpopulate the US?

Dear Future President, 

Considering some US citizens struggle to find a job, illegal immigrants make that more impossible. The US workforce included 8 million unauthorized immigrants in 2014, which means they are taking our jobs and getting paid. I ask you to take a moment and think about this. Illegal immigrants come to the US, take our jobs, and get paid. The more and more that come here, the more our country gets overpopulated. Over a decade, illegal immigrants have been living here and are making US families struggle to put food on the table. If some of our citizens can't put food on the table how are we supposed to give jobs to illegal immigrants. Why should we let illegal immigrants take our jobs and make families struggle if we can stop them from coming? 

I feel as if illegal immigrants could be dangerous. Have you ever thought that if they do come here we could be in danger? Do we really know their backgrounds and do we really know if they are safe? This is very important to the safety of our country, and I suggest you should feel the same. I do realize that we do have criminals here but having the risk of potentially bringing more to the country?

People agree that illegal immigrants should not be here in the US. Americans are dissatisfied with illegal immigration and it ranks 3rd highest among 17 issues. 53% said it was extremely important that the government takes steps to halt the flow of immigration.

We need to stop illegal immigration because immigrants are taking our jobs that us Americans need these jobs. Most people want this illegal immigration to stop. The US is becoming overpopulated and it is hard to find jobs because immigrants are taking them. US American Citizens need the jobs.