Gicel C. California

The Threat of Deportation

This is my letter regarding an urgent matter.

October 13, 2016

Dear Future President,

My last name is Cedillo and as you can tell, I come from Spanish descent. I am a U.S citizen with two undocumented parents. As a US citizen, I write you this letter to discuss a huge controversial topic concerning our world today, and that is immigration and deportation. This matters to me because I have illegal immigrant family and friends. This also matters to me because I feel that the US is not taking action to come to an agreement about this concern. They ignore it. My goal is to come to an agreement, perhaps a bill passed to do something in favor for the immigrants, that will benefit them and protect them in this country.

In this country, illegal immigrants are not getting the benefits that they need. Health care is a big concern. According to the, It is estimated that there are between 20,000 and 45,000 deaths a year due to the lack of health care. We need illegal immigrants to be protected. Just because they don't have citizenship does not mean that they don't matter. No one should be left behind just because they weren't born in the country. The US should reward illegal immigrants with health care because they help the country by paying taxes. They pay taxes when they buy products and pay income taxes. They are living here illegally, but are living under the law by paying taxes like everyone else. In fact, they pay $12 billion in taxes a year. According to Campbell, author of "The Truth About Undocumented Immigrants and Taxes" (, a large chunk of of money sent from illegal immigrants is sent to the social security trust funds and from those funds, Americans get benefits. Although many people may argue that they don't pay taxes or contribute to the economy, according to, 45% of Americans do not pay federal income taxes. With this all said, undocumented workers contribute to this country more than American Citizens.

Many illegal immigrants face deportation. They get separated from their families, Mothers being separated from their children. According to The center of American Progress, there will be a reduction in labor of about $4.7 trillion in the next 10 years and massive deportation will cost the government about $900 billion. I am not in favor of deportation because many innocent people are getting kicked out the country without committing any sort of crime. I know many Immigrants who come to this country to thrive, work hard, pursue their dreams, get a better job, give their families better living conditions and are very good people. They should not have to hide behind the shadows. They should feel free and work without fear of deportation. Throughout Obama's presidency, he asserted that mass deportation of illegal immigrants will not be permitted. He said “Our laws should respect families following the rules instead of splitting them apart”. Obama said he would help illegal immigrants throughout his campaign by passing the DAPA bill, but it never got passed. He took to long to pass this bill so now you will have to settle this matter. People may argue that immigrants are bad people they call them drug dealers, rapist, criminals and many more other things. A trial lawyer who overlooked on the Judiciary over criminalization said, “the US is is in danger of becoming a nation of criminals.” Twenty million American Citizens have felony convictions, with 14 million new arrests each year, 2.2 million serving time in jail or prison. Overall, the estimation of 68 million Americans have criminal records making it more than the population of France. (Hunter, “Lawyer: 86 Million Americans have criminal records-More than Population of France”, It looks like just like undocumented people, American Citizens commit the same crimes and even worse.

Where we are from should not determine where we go. Immigration and deportation are linked because immigrants are not getting the support from this country that they need. Immigrants are the ones getting kicked out of this country for not having a citizenship, they are the ones getting blamed for the fault in this country when in reality some are hard workers and carry most of the hard work that goes on in this country. Who do you think does mostly all our field work? How do you think our buildings were built? It's not only one culture or race its many who make up the US. They take the Jobs one won't be able to do. While they are working their butt off, sweating in the hot heat and suffering, we are on our couches watching How to Get Away with Murder. we have to be united. We are all immigrants. Each one of us are immigrants, we took this land over from the indigenous people. Immigrants are part of American Culture. This has always been a country of immigrants. Many come to this country to live the American dream. They come to receive free education to build a career. Everyone deserves to live the life they want. Americans and America should support these people. America is trying to take control of who leaves and who enters, but their immigrants too. I believe as long as they go through legal process they should be allowed into the United States.

I want to be an immigration lawyer and i want to be able to help those who need it. In the future i am hoping for a world where there isn't such thing as a citizenship. Where everyone shares equal rights and status regarding benefits and other things. I’m hoping for a country where everyone is equal regardless the country they were born in. I want my kids to be able to live in a country where they don’t see themselves more superior than others because they are legal citizens; where they see everyone as equals; where they don’t have to worry that their immigrant friend being deported at any time; where all they see between the people of the United States of America is an exchange of kindness and respect; where everybody is equal and no better than another. You need to be this change, this kindness, this perception of equality for everyone regardless of their legal status in this country.


Ms. Cedillo