Sophia S. Massachusetts

LGBT Issues

Good morning, my name is Sophia and I'd like to congratulate you on becoming the president. In more serious terms I'd like to share my thoughts about a problem that's been addressed, but it hasn't been discussed fully. Yes, we do have gay marriage rights in every state now. That was only last year, July 26th 2015. The LGBTQ community has a serious situation on whether or not they have as many rights as others. The community is discriminated against from many people just because of their beliefs, but we have beliefs too. Has anyone truly thought of how this community feels because we have things to say as well.

Dear future president,

There has been a lot of discrimination against this community and it isn't like they are any different than anyone else. There are so many problems from school and leading to jobs. In school it's hard for some people to say anything about their sexuality because they might be scared of people judging them or even being bullied. Even at home kids are scared, luckily some kids parents are very open and we are very thankful for that, but some parents are not. I'm not going to state who, but I do know someone who's parents are not open. Their parents tell them they are wrong and disgusting for being "different". How are they different or disgusting? They aren't ,that's their decision. Shouldn't almost everyone be open. If children were just raised knowing that liking the same genders or even changing their gender is okay.

 Even adults are being treated unfairly especially in their jobs. A survey in 2013 showed that 21 percent of gay or transgender were being treated differently from everyone else in their jobs. Another survey found that nearly 50 percent of black lgbtq people have experienced discrimination throughout their work. 90 percent of transgenders stated that they have been harassed or mistreated while working and 47 percent of transgenders weren't even hired or were just fired because of their gender identity. If our community can't even except the lqbt community for a job then how are they making money. Oh, wait, they aren't. A high percent of them don't have jobs and are in poverty because of their sexuality or gender identity.  Violence is a huge problem throughout the community. Here's an example, did you know that 50 percent of colored transgender women were murdered during January and February of 2013. Even students are being bullied and beat up in school for their gender identity and sexuality.  

According the Fenway Institute, LGBT people are more likely than straight people to report unmet health needs and have difficulty accessing care and obtaining insurance, which leads to higher rates of disease, chronic illness, drug use, mental illness and obesity among the population. Doctors are refusing healthcare or taking less time to help out people in this community. It's not all adults who aren't getting healthcare, it can be children as well. Kids need help sometimes because if they aren't getting proper care then they might end up with a serious health problem. 

In conclusion, I believe that students and adults should stop being discriminated against. This violence and employment discrimination is not right. Everyone should have their natural rights and never be treated differently because of their sexuality or gender identity. Adults and children aren't getting any respect because of this, without respect how are they going to feel about themselves. Most likely insecure and won't ever love themselves if they are being treated this way. Now if someone's going to "make America great again", I would suggest to worry about the people's feelings and not just your beliefs. 

Yours truly, Sophia Shifflett