Darnell Wisconsin

Lack of sleep vs Life

Many students lives are effectived by lack of sleep. There are many ways we can try to help students out with this problem.

 Dear Future President,

So let's first start with the problem students are having with the lack of sleep. Some factors that are affected is jobs, after/ before activities, and homework are just 3 main factors I would like to point out.

Many students are battling with sleep because they have to work on school nights to get money. A lot of students have something they have to pay for such as a car, gas and maybe a phone bill. This is one problem because students are having to work on school nights just to get money. So after students get done with work they have to do homework that leaves you up all night. This then leaves us with lack of sleep. This Leads me into my second topic of lack of sleep.

Many students struggle with homework so they stay up all night trying to finish it before deadlines. Students have 7 classes they have to do homework for and it can be a lot to study for. Many students are so stressed doing homework and after they get done doing homework, this leads me into my next topic.

My final topic is activities before/after school. Many students are involved in extracurricular activities. This also gives students less sleep and more stress. Students sometimes are at these activities for like a couple hours so if you are involved in a lot, it takes up a lot of your time. This Leads to lack of sleep!

So finally I would like to say many students are getting lack of sleep and we should make a change in students school schedule to try to accommodate for the lack of sleep. We should have 2 choices we to come to school early or later to try to help students with this problem!

Sincerely Darnell Williams.