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Police Brutality

I think the next president should put some effort into stopping police brutality. Police brutality is a horrible thing and here's what I have to say about it.

   While police brutality is a horrible thing and should be stopped, not all police officers abuse their power or use harsh violence for little to no reason. Last July, a police officer killed Ariel Galarza by tasing him multiple times after Galarza threatened the officer with a glass bottle. The police officer practically got away with murder until now and the judges still aren’t doing the same thing they would do if it was a normal murder case. If a civilian killed someone, that person would face the consequences right away

Recently, a New York police officer shot and killed a woman after she swung at him with a bat. People are saying the officer should be in jail and while there are other ways he could have taken care of the situation like using a taser,in his mind, he shot her in self-defense and he did the right thing in that moment. Now, every time a police officer kills someone in a gunfight, especially when a white officer kills an African-American man, it’s seen as police brutality.

The media focuses more on the negative things so whenever a police officer does something positive the media doesn’t cover it. A police officer was holding down a man who just robbed a store and before he pulled out a gun or a taser, he called for help from the bystanders and they were able to get the criminal in handcuffs. After the criminal is taken care of, the officer takes the two bystanders who helped him out for lunch. I just hope that with all this negative attention towards police we still remember that not every police officer has bad intentions.

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