Abigail T. Wisconsin

Stop Bullying

There should be an end to all this nonsense. We should have harsher punishment with this stuff. We can’t just yell at the bullies and expect them to stop. This should be more enforced, because it feels like it is getting ignored. There is also bystanders still out there not doing anything about it.

Dear Next President,

 I have been noticing a few problems with bullying in high school and in public. Though it is hard to see, it happens way too much to be tolerable. Over 3.2 million students are bullied each year. And suicide is the number one leading cause of deaths of adolescent studies. That shouldn’t be an issue.

I will use myself as an example. I was bullied throughout my middle school and parts of high school years. All everyone did was watch or not say anything. It hurt a lot, so much that i didn’t want to go to school or do anything. I just thought of ‘What is the point of trying’ and that shouldn’t have been a thought of mine. I should have told someone, but my fear was ‘what if they try to get revenge?’ It was a constant rollercoaster of hurt and fear, and a whole bunch of “what if”. I even had an online profile, and i had multiple people call me names and told me horrible things. There was a point where i couldn’t take it no more. But luckily one of my good friends noticed and helped me and told me i wasn’t alone. That I should get help and tell an adult. I told my mother and that was the end, sorta. My other friends are getting bullied, I lost someone close. There are still bullies out there. Plus, it is not all the bullies fault, sometime they live in a horrible environment. This should stop, it isn’t fair for anyone to get treated this way.

There has to come an end to all this nonsense. We also should have harsher punishment with this stuff. We can’t just yell at them and expect them to stop. This should be more enforced, because it feels like it is getting ignored, or there are still bystanders still out there not doing anything about it. There should be more lessons of how to take care of bullies, not in a harsh way, but the right way. With all these TV show these days, kids are more scared of what a bully can do. I also think that schools should help out more with these things, because they still happened like no one learned anything that we had learned about bullying. It is still going on in society today. It needs to be put into action,”Several towns in Wisconsin now will fine parents who refuse to keep their children and teens from bullying others--a novel tactic that's sparking interest from around the globe" says Mary lynn Smith in Wisconsin Towns Push to Stop Bullying by Fining Parents. Why haven’t I seen that yet. They still get away with it. This is what should happen,”Shawano, Wis., a town of 9,300 people about 40 miles northwest of Green Bay, is the latest to pass an ordinance that holds parents of bullies accountable. Parents could be fined $366 for the first offense and $681 for the second offense in a year" says Mary lynn Smith. It will show kids and parents how wrong it is.

Here is the other thing it happens so much and parents do nothing about it, because they are basically doing the same thing too. It is never going to stop. “Schools and cities around the country have begun looking at legal means to rein in bullying at school. Recently, a Southern California city council, following models set by two Wisconsin cities, tentatively voted to criminalize the bullying or harassment of school-age kids" says Schulzke, Eric in Questions Linger with Rise in Anti-Bullying Ordinances. Just putting it to action will be great. Why even bother if it isn’t put to action.


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