Bennett S. Wisconsin

Police Brutality

Police Brutality is killing innocent people, causing riots and uprisings, and are causing people to lose trust in their police force and court system.

Dear Future President,

Police brutality should be illegal in America because it puts innocent people in danger, causes uprisings, and breaks trust in communities. Police brutality is putting innocent people in danger of being hurt. Police officers are killing or seriously injuring other people that mean no harm to anyone. Police are becoming blinded with racism and that is causing a lot of people to get mad.

 Police brutality is also causing riots and uprising from a movement called "black lives matter." There has been several riots that have broken out mostly led by blacks that are not happy about the racism of the police. This again brings us to our first topic which was innocent people are in danger and here on our second topic these riots and uprising are causing people to be in danger of being injured. 

 All of these police attacks are causing people to lose trust in there police force and the court system that is saying these police officers not guilty of their obvious crimes. A third of blacks say that police do a good job in their communities. That is a fact that shows that there is less than two-thirds of blacks that trust their police force. Police brutality has to stop. It is nothing but negatives: therefore, I hope when you become president you make it illegal to keep America a safe and thriving country.                  

De Pere Middle School

Kleveno Block 2

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