Nashota Wisconsin

Women's Equality

Gender equality is a Human Right

Dear Future President,

Women should have the same rights as men do. Gender equality is a serious problem in the U.S. and around the world. Yes, this movement has come a long way since the Civil Rights Movement and earlier, but it is still active and someone needs to fix it. Everyday women have to deal with the consequences of gender inequality just because they are female.

Nearly 98 million girls in the world are not able to get an education. Why is it that men have so many more opportunities than girls? Women make up almost half of the population, yet own less than 20 per cent of legislators in the world. Women also get paid less than men for doing the same in jobs. Just because someone is female doesn't mean that they have to get downgraded. Women are just as equal as men. We are all Human beings and we all deserve the same amount of anything. ⅔ of Americans think that it's better to have women take care of the families and the house while the men will work outside of the house. All of these examples stated are unfair.

Gender equality is a human right and America is not pursuing that statement very well. Human trafficking is a huge problem around the world, while ⅘ girls are victims. It is worrying that overall women need to look out for rape and domestic violence. These aren't problems that you can just solve, people will always act, but America could prevent that from happening often. 6 out of 50 (12%) of governors in the U.S. are women; 104 out of 535 women are in the supreme court; 19% House of Representatives are women; 20% of women are in the Senate; 18% of Mayors are women throughout the U.S., and 24% State Legislators are women. These numbers have grown dramatically over the years, just showing that America is getting better at accepting women’s rights.

I hope the future president will fight for women’s rights and enforce the equality for women. To be looked at differently just because someone is female is disturbing to me and there should be someone to support women more and help get them the equality that they deserve.


Nashota J.