Rachel P. Michigan

The Issue of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has been a growing issue in America and not very much has been done to stunt its growth. I believe, in order to protect America's future, we must find a way to stop the growth of human trafficking rates.

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Dear Next President,

As it turns out, Michigan, my home state, is one of the top states ranked by human trafficking rates. That got me thinking, what if human trafficking was just as big of a problem in another state but no one knew about how to identify and act upon it? Human trafficking rates in in America have been increasing which causes concern for young adults and children which should make improving the enforcement of human trafficking laws a top priority for the United States. Not only should we focus on the enforcement of human trafficking laws, but we should also focus on improving the education on human trafficking and safety to minors as well as adults.

I believe that you, as the new president, should take time to consider the safety of America’s youth in your years in office because of the growing issue that is human trafficking. In the past year, 3,646 cases of human trafficking were reported in America, says the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. That number, at first glance, may not seem that big but once you think about the fact that there are probably just as many unreported cases, it starts to grow.

According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, 2,678 reported cases were involved sex trafficking. 2,229 out of the 3,646 cases reported were adult-based cases and 3,058 of all reported cases this year involved the trafficking of females. This frightens me for a number of reasons, first I live in a high human trafficking rate state, secondly I am a female, on her way to adulthood and lastly, not very many people in my community know the dangers of human trafficking.

The Muse says that the first human trafficking law (TVPA) was put in place in 2000. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act focused on preventing human trafficking and protecting survivors but it doesn’t ensure the American society will be informed of the dangers of human trafficking or ways to stay safe from it. I suggest that as the next US president, you enforce the education on safety and protection from human trafficking as well as the dangers that go along with it.

Its up to you Next President, do you think it’s about time we educate the citizens of America in order to keep them safe? If you decide to do this, I think the American population will thank you for keeping them safe.


Rachel P. 

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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