Erica M. Michigan

Gun Violence

This letter discusses the dangers and potential solutions for the increasing amount of gun violence in the United States.

Every day approximately 306 people in America are shot. A family friend of mine was shot walking down the street back to her car after a family function in Detroit on Sunday, October 16th at 2 am. This innocent 15 year old had no way of protection or warning, the shooter was in a car passing as he fired seven times. What precautions are you taking in order to prevent this from happening again? Often when people are purchasing guns they are not questions of their intentions or trained to properly handle an armed weapon. In addition to the simplicity that comes with purchasing an armed weapon, there are also many illegal sellers who contribute to the rising death rate by shootings due to people who are unfit obtaining a gun.

As the President of the United States it is your job to keep your citizens safe. In order to accomplish this, there must be a law or policy set in place to protect innocent people from being shot. It is understandable that we cannot eliminate all unfit owners, however, there are illegal dealers who are often the source of weapons for those who could not get one legally. Being able to buy a gun easily makes this one of the go-to ways to achieve revenge or dispose of anger. If we are able to eliminate illegal dealers gun crimes would minimize dramatically for the reason that people who are unfit to own guns will no longer be able to meet the requirements to purchase one. 40 % of gun transactions are conducted with the “no questions asked” policy. If we can ensure that all transactions which are conducted contain a background check, there will be even more filtration of felons and other dangerous individuals being restricted from purchasing a gun. Guns that are in homes for safety purposes are more often used against the homeowner, whether this is by the intruder, through suicide, or accidentally by a minor. Being distracted while securing a gun away can be dangerous in the future if a child is able to access the weapon. This can result in leaving a gun unlocked or loaded while stored away. Children can see it as a toy and do not fully understand the consequences of this reckless action. However, there can be intentional uses of unlocked weapons in a home if a minor is suicidal. 8 out of 10 adolescent firearm suicides are committed using a weapon found in the household of the minor. 

Clarkston Community Schools

Eisele IB ELA 12


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