Tyler M. Virginia

Letter to solve immigration

Letter about immigration


Dear President,

Illegal Immigration is a hot new topic involved in the 2016 presidential election. Americans today tend to believe that illegal immigrants should have a chance to become a United States citizen. I believe, that illegal immigrants should be deported, and not have a chance to become a citizen. As this may sound harsh, it must be considered, to keep this country running smoothly. Why would you want someone coming into this country illegally, take your job, or money? Well, that is what is happening, 11-22 billion dollars is spent on illegal immigrants welfare each year; the United States is the hottest destination spot for immigrants who come to this country sit on welfare, and disrupt our economy. It may be sad, and I know it is sad, but something must be done.

It is very emotional to see a family that comes to a better place, for a better opportunity, have to return to their broken, and unsafe home country; it is hard to deport people in this situation. We, who are looking for a place to just live in peace, and not have to worry about what struggles, and fears tomorrow may and will bring. On the other hand, something has to be done.

According to, 14 reasons to deport illegal aliens, 2.5 billion dollars on illegal immigrants medical bills. 11-22 billion dollars is spent on welfare for illegal aliens each year. American’s wages each year are cut by 200 billion dollars, because of illegal immigrants. Millions of pounds of drugs are brought in each year from the 10 million immigrants that come here illegally. 17 billion dollars is spent a year on children’s education born from an illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrants sent back 45 billion dollars from their income to their home countries each year. Most people are not knowledgeable about this information, and have not reviewed these numbers, and use logical sense that these numbers only diminish yourself. But maybe just maybe, one day Americans will come together, and realize why this is such a big problem, and act upon it then we would see change. Why would you want a person to come to your country illegally; saying that an individual that is not supposed to be here come in and take your money, jobs, put you at risk, why would you want that?

It just amazes me why people think this is logical; you are telling me you do not mind paying for someone to come live in this country for free, that does absolutely nothing to help your community or the nation. The annual cost a year for having all of the illegal immigrants, in this beautiful country that could be destroyed if people do not act right, is 338.3 billion dollars a year! You want to talk about national debt, that sure does not help our debt. Why would you not want to spend 200 billion dollars to get them out, and secure a border, and then not have to worry about this nonsense anymore. Illegal immigrants also commit crimes in this country that would not have been a problem if they were not here. We need to deport the illegal immigrants before it gets out of hand. Crime committed by an illegal immigrant, or any person is obviously against the law and consequences proceed to happen. Illegal immigrants kill around 9000 American citizens a year, people that are criminals, that come here illegally, and live off welfare, your money, is terrible.

If you could take one important piece of information out of this letter Mr. President that would be to deport all illegal immigrants. They are not helping this country at all, they are only hurting it. The numbers do not lie, and I hope you can change this issue by deporting the illegal immigrants; it will help make Americans lives better, and the economy better. Although some Americans may not realize yet, this is hurting themselves in the scheme of things; you must make a change to immigration laws to help people. American Citizens wonder why they pay a lot of taxes, and the economy is not running as smoothly as it should; they ask questions to as why this is, and you must guide them to a realization that immigration is a factor in this. Thank you for your hard work, and I hope this article can change the thought of Americans, and help influence you that some Americans realize that there needs to be change.


Tyler Mounts

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