Brycen S. North Carolina

Crossing the Border

Illegal immigration is a important problem we have in this country. In this writing I will tell you a series of facts on why this topic is bad for our local environment.

  Dear Upcoming President

Political issues is a bad issue we have in the economy. Things like global warming, killer clowns, and also college expenses cost too much. But in my opinion the number 1 issue is illegal immigration. People come all around the world with no authority and just walk right in illegally.

Stated in the illegal Immigration News Discussions RSS illegal immigration is the reason why we have more loss of jobs, more crime, drugs imported, less legal immigrants, and most of all terrorism. Terrorism is a great factor towards illegal immigration because terrorists can come in our country because they can hide in the crowd and act like immigrants because they have no ID to say “i'm an ISIS member” or “I'm a terrorist here to cause mayhem”. And that's how 9/11 happened, the men who flied those planes into the twin towers was at that border and just let right in.

Things like ISIS, homes Destroyed, or just danger is the result of why their is more illegal immigrants that lead to more drugs imported and more crime. As I was saying about ISIS I think they might have destroyed their homes for a reason and they have a plan to make these people look for refuge and that makes a crowd so the terrorist can hide in to get in America.

Said in Immigration they say people that agree with illegal immigration and some people disagreeing with it. People that are against it say that they “take our jobs”, more crime, drugs imported and that is bad because we have the heroin epidemic going on now. Also people that agree with illegal immigration say it helps the economy, they pay tax, takes jobs we don't want to do.

In my perspective and ideas the best way to control the immigration problem is to take them in 1 by 1 give them an identity check for weapons of sort, make sure he or she is not a terrorist, and make sure they don't have a criminal record and then let them in.


Brycen Schenck

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