Andres California

Conserving our Natural Resources

The United States is depleting its natural resources.

Dear Future President,

As our new president, you should know the major problems we have today so that we can work to fix them. I will speak of one of these major problems respectively, and that is lack of energy and natural resources. It should not come to a surprise that our resources aren’t going to last forever so why do we act as they are?

We as people use up so much water that wasting it otherwise is very bad, as a matter of fact the ratio of salt water and drinking water is 97% to 3%. Water isn't the only resource we are throwing away for granted, we are also losing the fresh air we breathe due to many factors all to blame on us. When cigarettes are lit, cars and other fuel based vehicles are being used, and factories that have smoke coming out of them; all of these things kill our fresh air and pollute our beautiful sky. Another major factor on the air problem is trees, they are being cut down at a drastic rate yet it seems like no one knows that we get our oxygen from trees and plants of that sort. I could keep going on but I'm sure you get the point, so we need solutions ASAP because if this isn't taken care of many more problems will begin to grow upon this.


Andres Ramirez