Amber W. Ohio

Children Shouldn't Live Out in the Cold

Children shouldn't live out in the cold because their bodies are still developing. Our voices need to be heard because these children need food and shelter.

October 21, 2016

Dear Future President:

Homelessness is a problem because no one should live out in the cold. This topic has become more important in the recent years because homeless people should not live out on the streets. This impacts people who live on the streets because people are too scared to go downtown. These children that live on the streets get kicked out of their own homes. I am impacted by this because homeless people should get to live in a sheltered area instead. “Homelessness Is a Widespread Problem” because people who are on the streets as well they are humans to” (Gerdes, Ed.).

One quarter of homeless people are children, “People are dying out in the cold and some of these people are children that get kicked out of their own homes” ("10 Facts About Homelessness"). This quote explains that people should start building shelters for these children because some of these children are young and their bodies are still developing and can’t take the harsh winter cold. Personally, I have witnessed on a mission trip that I saw a woman and her children on the street; people were just ignoring her, but my group stopped and noticed her and her children.

Next, homeless people are also adults on the streets. “Over half a million people are homeless” ("10 Facts About Homelessness"). This quote shows that adults and children end up on the streets every year sometimes because of what they did in their homes. The focus on homelessness is necessary because the homeless need a voice too.

Homeless people should have some place to live other than the streets. Half of those homeless people are children. However, other people would say this issue doesn’t matter. I think it matters because we need to focus on the homeless people because everyday they get ignored by people that pass them or they get dirty looks from people, which shows they don’t matter. As I said before, I even got to experience what it was like to be in a homeless person’s shoes on a mission trip.

It is clear that, homeless people get ignored everyday because of what they are wearing. I think what you should do is that you should sign a bill that will allow the states to build more homeless shelters around the world. What you should remember is that homeless people are people too, not some trash that we throw out they are human beings as well.

Children are on the streets and getting kicked out of their own homes. Although this is an issue some of these homeless people are adults as well. Thank you future President on taking your time and reading my letter. 


Amber Wibbelsman

Oak Hills High School

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