MARIAH Georgia


There has to be a stop to poor, innocent children being affected be violence.

Dear Future President of Our Country,

Everyday a life is taken but it’s not always of natural causes. Wouldn’t you want to reduce the causes of death, the ones you’re able to? People should live a long healthy life and be able to enjoy all the finer things in life. The people who commit suicide take their own life due to issues that happen in they’re household. Usually when it comes to they’re household it’s because of child abuse.

Child abuse is a major problem in this complex world. Child abuse can affect children’s futures. Think about it if a child gets abused they can be scared for the rest of their life. It can affect them so bad that they’ll be tempted to harm themselves. For example suicide, drugs, or even alcohol may cross their minds. Not only it can affect their futures and cause them to harm themselves but can also make children have a lack of education. Having those ugly thoughts and images circling in their heads can distract them from their learning capabilities.

To put a stop on some kids’ nightmares of not feeling so loved by their guardians/ acquaintances there should be monthly checks on children to know if they feel safe. Just a few personal questions that would only be viewed by therapist so, if there were to be child abuse involved they would directly go to child. There should also be more hotlines for children to speak directly to someone about their problems whenever they feel like they need to.

Help with this world decreasing problem and put an effort to do something. Every child should have a fair tail of a childhood with a happy ending to tell to their future children.


Mariah E