Logan L.

The Problems in our Country

the problems having to do in our country

There are a lot of different problems in this country. One of if not the biggest issue is gun control. I hear of so many school shootings and am really tired of them. I'm not saying that you should ban guns altogether, I find shooting guns with my cousin and uncle very enjoyable, but if some teenager with a mental illnesses get ahold of a firearm and starts shooting little kids, something needs to be done whether some people like it or not.

Another issue is all of the people who are being racist to one another . Way too many people are saying that police are racist because a white cop shoots a black teenager. I'm am pretty sure that the cop had a legitimate reason for doing so. I don’t think that the people need to get so offended that they need to have riots and vandalize. But white people also should not treat people different because of their skin color is different. Let's just say that you are walking down the street and a guy is walking by.Unless he looks like a gangster, you don’t really feel threatened no matter what race he is. At least that's how it should be. Now there are people who stereotype black people because of the ones in gangs. If you are one of those people remember, there are plenty of white people in gangs too. And don’t stereotype. Stereotypes are never good.



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