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Police Brutality in the U.S.

In my letter, I will be talking about police brutality in the United States. I will be directing the problems and suggesting ways to solve this problem. I will be going into minor details about real life events that involved police brutality and ways to stop things things from happening.

Dear Future President,

            Lately in the United States, there has been a lot of police brutality. This has been occurring in so many places and has caused so much violence. Many of this brutality was due to racism. For example, an African American student in Columbia, South Carolina was thrown out of her chair in a school classroom for not giving her phone up. This student didn't reach for anything, she didn't have any weapons on her. This police officer was way out of line for doing this to a young girl in high school when she simply didn't give her phone to him. 

Another example of this horrible brutality is an indecent that occurred in Los Angeles, California. A man threw a beer bottle at the back of a police car when the car was moving. The police officer got out of the vehicle and shot the man and killed him. Keep in mind, the man had no weapons on him. This is unnecessary and wrong!

Police brutality isn't right especially when it is due to racism! Police should be CORRECTLY trained before given a gun and badge. Police need to realize the wrong and right time to bring violence into a situation. They should also have more strict punishments when doing wrong. If the person doesn't have weapons on them, its simple, don't take their life away from them. The next president needs to fix all of this injustice! If it's time to make America great again, we need to do it correctly! 


                                                                                                                                    Tayler McCommons 


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