amanda r. California


Bullying has become one of the most common things for young individuals throughout their school years and is one of the most devastating things in America today.

Dear Future President,

Bullying can happen to anyone at anytime but however this happens mostly in schools.Most of the kids wouldn't want to go to school because of their problems,they would be scared of their aggressor(s).But now in this generation technology has improved a lot since then and its way easier for the bully to make fun or mock the other individual, this is known as "Cyber Bullying".It makes is easier for the bully because they are behind a screen and they feel like they have more power from the hurtful words they are saying that they mostly wouldn't say aloud. This is a serious problem in today's society because kids are scared to come forward and say what has been happening because threats made or they are just scared of the fact the bully might do something to them unexpectedly.  The victims of these situations may develop depression or anxiety because bullying even to the point where  they show signs of committing suicide. These victims may seek help from professional therapist so they can cope with their emotions.    

Sincerely, Amanda