Jeff V. California

Letters to the next president: Gun Control

The following article is in regards to the recent notion that we need to enforce greater gun control, but it's quite the contrary.

Dear Mr. President,

Many people in the United States believe that gun control is a positive decision, and action, but they are clearly mistaken, because all that will do is keep the guns in the hands of common criminals and not responsible citizens. If you take the “tools” away from the common people, than common criminals we be able to commit crimes easier than they could prior, because they have nobody other than the police to stop them.

The common stigma of guns is that they are dangerous, and that is why many people support the notion of gun control, simply because they are afraid of weapons themselves, and don’t want others possessing them. Many of the people that are afraid of guns are that way because they have never shot a weapon, and so they don’t feel safe around them, because they do not know how to use them. Statistics show that you are 70 more likely to die from a motor accident than a firearm accident.

Many people who advocate for gun control also own a concealed carry permit, because they want to be protected from you, because they don’t trust you with weapons, but they trust themselves. For example, Dianne Feinstein, the senator of California is for gun control, and yet she possesses a concealed carry permit, and she also doesn’t know how to handle a firearm. She was pictured holding a rifle, with her finger on the trigger, and pointing it at bystanders. The only county that you are able to acquire a concealed carry permit is in Kern County.

Many people will also make the argument that the police will protect them in the event of a violent conflict or situation where they could have used a weapon. The only rebuttal I have to that is, what if you were in your house and a man came to your door with a firearm with intent to harm you? Would you call the police? The national average for police response time is 10 minutes. That man would easily reach you within that time. I personally would much rather rely on my own instincts and abilities rather than waiting 10 minutes for the police to find the crime already committed.

Overall, I believe that whoever is the next president I hope that you analyze the evidence, and the statistics so that you can clearly see that it’s not less guns that we need, but more in the hands of “responsible” people who are trained, and checked so that these shootings don’t occur in the future.


Jeff V.

Newbury Park High School

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