Mehrael I. Tennessee

Defeating ISIS

All throughout the world, many people are in danger every day because of terror threats, but what steps should we take in order to make this world more habitable? In addition, many people are concerned that the Muslims coming into this country may also bring terror threats with them, but is it really constitutional and justified to stop people of Muslim belief from coming into America?

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on the new Presidency, becoming the 45th President of this Great Nation, and most of all, promising to change the country for the better while still preserving the good aspects of it! Thank you for your effort throughout the past years and I wish the best for you! Although I am Arab, I am not Muslim, but I feel very sorrowful at the idea that the rhetoric and words we use to categorize Muslims is something very shameful and dangerous to the entire Muslim collective, but I feel very grateful that you are planning to change that vision in your Presidency!

One concern to the peace of our country is the jeopardy of our safety in America because of the terror threats that punctually come against us. I believe that we should take out ISIS’s stronghold in Iraq and Syria and to create peace between the Sunni and the Shia. I very respectfully would like to highlight that the whole war started because of their conflict in Iraq. If we go and try to create peace, there will be more problems created because their war is about faith and who is right. In this world, we cannot know or tell others what to believe because not everyone has the same religion and everyone believes that their religion or understanding of the scientific field is what is right. If we try to make peace between the Sunni and Shia even if it is with a contract, they will fight no matter what, because even though Islam is a peaceful religion, the people whom we see on the news every day are fanatics that want everything their own way. I believe that the best way that we can take the terror stronghold out of Iraq is to separate the religious beliefs there until ISIS is defeated since they are the strong fighters in Iraq that side with the Sunni. Once there is less tension, then we could offer the peace contract that has nothing to do with religion and make the people live in harmony just like we do in this Great Nation with the huge diversities in cultures. After that, we should dismantle the global terror network and harden our defences to prevent attacks.

In addition, I believe that we should not block the Muslim immigrants from entering America because it is unconstitutional and not all Muslims are fanatics. Instead of stopping the entrance of all Muslims, we should make all of the background checks very detailed and thorough because, that way, everyone in the country is safe from most terrorist threats and just to ensure that no other countries or cultures are sending any more threats towards the land of the free and the brave, because this world is a very dangerous place and we cannot predict the future to rest completely assured now.

Thank you, Mr./ Mrs. President, again for all that you have done, including reading my letter, and trying to create peace not only in America, but also other countries around the world so that we can all coexist.


Mehrael Ibrahim

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